Control each single LED of a WS2812 RGB Strip

Hi there,

i want to control each single LED of a 2 meter long LED Strip (288 LEDs) out of Home Assistant.

I’ve tried this with the JSON API with following command:
curl -d '{"seg":{"i":[20,"FF0000"]}}' -H "Content-Type: application/json"

The command suceeds, but no LED would lit up.

Is it generally possible to control each single LED of such a long strip?

For the Moment i have splitted the strip into 15 segments and i control these out of Home Assistant.

Thanks for your help!

Try adding "on":true,

Yeah unless you unit is on to start with you need to add “on” to your json ,the way i did that is with a loop , also you could use presets with the same command

I haven’t dealt with it for a while now, but would like to tackle it again:

The reason why I want to control individual LEDs is that I want to display the progress of a film in this way.

@ALDIY I don’t quite understand what you mean. Should i create 288 Presets to control each single Led?

All I have found out is that it is apparently not possible to address individual LEDs in WLED.

Since you are using HA , use a loop and just change the led number .
A simple tool was also made after that post might give you ideas

I a was also away from wled for a while so a bit rusty
A simple example i did from a dos batch file is below

But as i understand, you are still adressing segments? Is this correct?

I did not want to control segments, because they are limited to 16 on a esp32.

So i wan’t to get away from segments and control each single Led from HA.

@deadrabbit87 the seg is the configured stripe as there is no number (i) it means the full stripe

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