Possible to control each LED separately

Hello. I have a question - is it possible to control each LED separately? For example, is it possible to set a different color for 1, 25 and 50 LED? Is it planned to add such a possibility and an interactive diode management tool as here?

Hi! This is possible in two ways:

  • With the 0.9.0 segments feauture you can set a range of LEDs (or even a single) to a different color. Right now there is a limitation to 10 segments though.
  • The Hyperion UDP 0, Adalight USB, but most importantly E1.31 support allow you to drive each LED individually from 3rd party software, like LedFx or xLights.

Thank you for the tip

What would it take to add support to the JSON API? Nothing fancy, just the ability to set an individual LED color. No effects, presets, palettes etc… Thanks!

wled json api wiki link
I am not 100% positive of the syntax, but I think what you are after is already there.

  • Set effect to SOLID (not sure of syntax…) :
    {“effects”: [“Solid”]}
  • Set effect COLOR to teal (JSON from WLED wiki) of entire LED strip (if no segments are defined)

Please try and post back your results.

Sorry, reading back I can see that what I wrote wasn’t totally clear in isolation, but only in the context of the subject, i.e. “control each LED separately”.

I’d like to set the color of each LED individually. Not necessarily one at a time - sending an array of RGB values where each value maps to each LED in the series would be fine.

It’ll be 200 LEDs. For want of a better analog, imagine a parking garage where taken spaces have a red LED, and free spaces have a green one.

Hi! You are not the first one to request individual LED color via JSON:

Right now it is not supported, but I will add it at some point.

I too would like to individually control up to 200 LED’s, just want a different colour or turn off individual LED’s on a string. Is that capability there now?

Yes look here JSON API - WLED Project