Getting color of individual LED with JSON

How can I get a color of individual LED using JSON API? I have already looked at entire JSON API - WLED Project page and only found how to set individual LED’s color. There is no “i” attribute in http://wled-address/json.

I don’t know if you can, realtime (I could be wrong).
You could read segment definitions and parse it out, but that wouldn’t help you with effects that might be active.

If you imagine a solid Red strip with glitter active, any random LED could be White while the rest remain Red. I think you’d have a hard time getting that data from the API on demand.

There may be a way via sync data, but I’m dubious.
What’s your application?

I’m making my own control panel for WLED. I thought it would be cool to have virtual LEDs in it showing the state of real ones. If it’s not easy to make using API, I think it doesn’t have sense. For me it’s not a “must have” feature. Thanks.

Sounds a little like the “Peek” function of the onboard GUI?

And of course every time I dig into the code/docs I find I was less right than I thought (ie. wrong), check out: WebSocket - WLED Project


You can also request a live stream of the LED values (e.g. the “Peek” feature of WLED-UI) by sending {"lv":true} to the websocket.

That will give you snapshot of what’s happening…

Thank you, this is exacly what I was looking for.