JSON API - Individual LEDs are dim

My question is how do I correctly set brightness when using the JSON API to set Individual LEDs in a segment or perhaps is there a bug?
I’m using v0.13.0-b6 and generally I think everything else is working. When I try to set a single LED, using something like
{"seg":[{"id":3,"i":[[0,0,255]]}]} (to set the 1st LED to blue on the 4th segment)
the brightness is very dim (comparable to if using the UI to set the same color, the brightness would be like 10%). I’m not sure if it makes a difference but I’m sending the JSON API command through Preset but I’m assuming that doesn’t matter.

It also seems like if I adjust the master brightness the individually set LED will turn off but if I apply the JSON setting again it turns back on with the “dimness” of the LED adjusted by the UI set master brightness.

If I turn the whole segment off, then on, the LEDs light up at full brightness and if I set the 1st LED with the JSON API like above then as expected all but the 1st LED turn off. BUT that 1st LED seems to be at full brightness with the correct color, and then if I set the LED again, the brightness switches to the dim again and any more setting of that LED through the JSON API does not result in any additional change.

You also need to adjust the brightness for that segment. Otherwise, the current brightness setting in effect when the json is sent will be applied over top of the segment requests.

Do you mean like this?

'{"bri":255, "seg":[{"id": 3, "on":true, "bri":255, "i":[[0,0,255]]}]}'

I’ve tried that and it doesn’t work. But if I turn on the “previous” segment (the 3rd segment, id 2) then setting an LED on the 4th (id 3) turns on. Seems like there is an off by 1 somewhere.
If I do

{'bri':255, 'seg':[{'id': 2, 'on':true, 'bri':255}]}

and then run

{"seg":[{"id": 3, "i":[[0,0,255]]}]}

then the 1st LED on the 4th segment turns on. If I resend the above command the single LED remains lit.
If I turn off the 3rd segment, the single LED remains on, but if I send the single LED command again the single LED turns off.

For anyone else coming across this I’ve created Individually controlled LED brightness comes from previous Segment brightness · Issue #2549 · Aircoookie/WLED · GitHub because I feel like this is a bug. I think my original issue with the Individual LEDs being dim was because the previous segment was not at full brightness.