WS2811 leds suddenly start flashing

No segments set up but when running default palette with some effects, some colors (especially white) will start flashing. Sometimes powering off the ESP8266 MCU will correct it. Just wondering what might cause that. 12v fine, 10000mA set, rest at defaults. 450 pixels total. Other colors occasionally flash but not often. running 0.10.0.

Sounds like the data signal voltage is not high enough to drive your LEDs.
This likely requires a hardware fix. See :slight_smile:

Aircookie, thanks so much for the response,

I agree that it sounds like weak data, but:

  1. Controller is 2M from first string AND I am using a sacrificial LED (as you suggested)

  2. The nine subsequent strings of 2811s are connected directly to each other thru the default connectors. 12v is additionally injected at 3 other spots and the end. I notice the flashing at about string 5 (not so much at the start of the LEDS)… and all the LEDS respond so the data is making it to the end. Each pixel regenerates the 5v signal… so I wonder where the data level is dropping. How can I measure it without an O scope or analyzer?

  3. Would a different chip work better? ESP32?

  4. Your code is amazing. I am so grateful for your original work and continued development.


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How many power supplies are you using? More than 1? If so, make sure the 0V outputs of all the power supplies are electrically connected (bonded) together somewhere - preferably close to the power supply output terminals/connections.

Only one 300W power supply.

300 W 12 V power supply can provide ~ 25A of current.
450 RGB full white @ 75mA each ~ 33.75A
WLED configured max ~ 10A
I say increase the configured max to 20A and see if that improves things.
Of course, make sure the wire coming out the power supply to the first fuse can handle 25A (in case of a problem).