4 segments in star layout

Hi, I just completed my first WLED project so keen to move on to a more complex one.

I want to put LED’s in the ceiling of the gazebo. The four segments will converge in the centre of the ceiling which is where the power and ESP2866 will connect. So do I connect all 4 ( around 4M @60LED/Metre ) to one controller ? How do I make it so the effects dont act as if its just one strip mirrored to the others or is that the only choice ?

Thanks all

Three is max for 8266. You could use two, shared pins or move to an ESP32.

OK, Thanks for that so 4 on one ESP32 can coordinate effects and better than say 2 x 2866 ?

Thanks for the help

Depends on how many LEDs and if you want max frame rate. See multistrip section of KB.

You can also - if it suits your requirements - use a single pin to a 4-output level shifter. Wire the command signal to the input of all 4 level shifter inputs. Wire each strip to their own individual level shifter output.

You have all 4 strips doing exactly the same thing at the exact same time.

If that’s sufficient, you can use an ESP8266.

If you need all 4 strips to be independently controllable as say 4 segments, then yes, an ESP32 with a 4-output level shifter is a very good way to go. The level shifter may not be required if the ESP32 is very near the strip. However, a level shifter will help remove the random ghost effects problems you may well encounter while guests are over enjoying the show.