5050 LED Wiring Question

I’ve flashed the bin that tonymo posted but I still had some questions about the wiring when connecting a NodeMCU with a analog 5050 LED strip I had laying around.

#define RPIN 12 //R pin for analog LED strip
#define GPIN 15 //G pin for analog LED strip
#define BPIN 14 //B pin for analog LED strip

I’m guessing I need to step down the 12V power supply for the processor but how does the wiring work?

Yes, you’ll need a 12v to 5v buck DCDC converter to power the Nodemcu. For driving the three channels, you’ll also need 3 transistors because the ESP data pins can’t drive those directly. Just google “nodemcu 5050 leds” for a suitable wiring diagram :slight_smile:

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