6’ sk6812 strip on battery

I’d like to run a 6’ strip off a power bank for 3 hours per charge, at medium high warm white.

I have sk6812 and esp32/esp8266 dev boards.


  1. calculating battery size/duration:
  • 120 * 60mA = 7.2a or 7200 mAh.

Would a 26,800 mAh power bank sustain power for about 3 hours? Is this the approximate calculation?

  1. any recommendations for power banks or other portable battery solution?

Thank you.

You’re definitely in the right ball park.

The 60mA figure is likely the draw at 100% RGBW.
The draw at “medium high warm white” is likely to be less.
The best way to know is to measure the actual draw of a test strip of perhaps 20 LEDs and divide by 20,
Probably worth doing 4 or 5 brightness levels to get some real world data.

At the same time you should measure the draw of the board you’re going to use, you may find it adds another 200mA to the current load. That’s not huge, but over 3 Hours it adds in a significant chunk of power needed.

Power bank/battery size calculations are simply the total current you need in mA x the time you need it for in hours.
So a 10000mAh battery can deliver 10.0A for 1 hour or conversely 1.0A for 10 hours.

Be forewarned that manufacturer ratings on power banks are often overrated (sometimes very badly).
You’ll likely have to do some research and/or scanning of reviews to find the good ones.
I can’t add much there, I haven’t had to do any long term battery power ups.

What’s the physical setup look like?
Any weight concerns?

No weight or space issues. It’s being mounted in a display case under glass

I’ll split the power and feed the strip directly.