Alexa lights off turning


I got 2 esp‘s and they both running wled and both are emulating alexa devices one called zocken and one fernsehr.

So when i say alex turn on fernsehr she turns fernsehr and zocken on. same then i only want to turn fernsehr off it turns zocken off too.

Has anyone a solution or the same problem?


The Alexa device names need to be different. They are both apparently set to the default value and so both are being controlled together.

FYI there are multiple “names” in WLED configuration. Just set all the names to the same as the device’s name.

I don’t offhand recall which / where they are, but think it’s in the same area where Alexa enanle checkbox is located.

The documentation and this site have examples for configuration of Alexa if I’m wrong (which I probably am).