Analog LEDs flicker when ESP32 has wifi activity

I’ve just spotted an issue with my setup and I’d love a little advice…

I’m using WLED on an ESP32 devkitc board, with my SK6812 string running off GPIO2, and a set of analog LEDs running via PWM off GPIO 16 (my own usermod). I’ve noticed that whenever the ESP32 has any wifi activity the analog LEDs flicker.

I first noticed it when when doing an OTA software update (the analog LEDs flicker constantly while the firmware is uploading). And now I’m seeing that even small interactions within the WLED Web UI (e.g. clicking the “Refresh” button in the Info panel) cause the analog LEDs to flicker.

Has anyone experienced anything similar to this before?

Try the current code (0.12 beta). You can set the LED pins and type (addressable or PWM) via the UI.

Thanks @tonyno. I’ve tried v0.12b, but unfortunately this didn’t, in and of itself, fix the issue. Lights still flickered.

It did, however, make it a lot quicker to test different PWM pins, and simply changing the pin being used for the analog LEDs fixed things. My guess is that pin 16 is somehow being impacted by wifi communication. Pin 18 and 19 are both working well as an alternative.

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