Animated staircase with VL53l0X?

Hello Wled Community,
I’ve required some pointers regarding, My project with WLED.
can anyone guide me on how to do it?

My Setup -
I’ve two ESP32s for the Staircase Project. There are two TOF vl53l0x sensors, Top and Bottom respectively. Both are connected with ESP32.

  1. One ESP32(Top) running WLED With vl53l0x TOF sensor with animated staircase usermode.
  2. Second ESP32(Bottom) with vl53l0x TOF sensor Running ESPNOW Transmitter code.

What I want is for the 2nd esp32 should send the data to the 1st esp32, and start the animated staircase effects.

You’ll need a custom code.
The changes would be too involved for a quick “how-to” though.
Better to modify existing Staircase usermod to support dual VL53I0X. I’ve had that in plans for over a year but cannot find a justification to do it.

The idea is simple:

  • adjust driver to use two I2C VL53i0X sensors (normally they will have same I2C address)
  • modify Staircase usermod to work with VL

@blazoncek isent it just to solder a other adress to one of the VL53x as they got 3 adesses to use
and then call a loop on the WIRE to get the data in

I’ve developed the custom code with ESPNOW. But now I want to know that, How to start the effects, If Motion is detected in one of the TOF sensors.