V053LX01 As trigger sensor for Staircase Mod

Hi question about the animated staircase project.

A few years ago I already wrote my own code for stairs light similar like this mod, but these days WLed offers much more options :slight_smile: so I am looking to migrate to WLed

For the triggering sensors, I am using two I2C V53L0X Laser range sensors for top and bottom. Did anyone use these, and perhaps already modified/included this in the usermod?

You may want to talk to usermod creators.
Find their address on Github or use PRs to communicate.

This may com in handy if you want to tackle yourself.

Thanks, as mentioned, I do have my own code running it. I am just curious if some already used it for WLed for the staircase mod ( re-invent the wheel thing…)

I tried to get help…

So, if you have the time, help if you can.

I’ve tried to use this mod as well, but I stepped away from it. The sensor gave unreliable readings causing the light to randomly go on/off or dim. Might be the V53L0X library or maybe my sensor hardware. Haven’t got the time to dig into it.

What is your use of 2 sensors if I may ask? do you need to use 2 sensors in ‘parallel’ or 2 sensors to do 2 different things?

-Edit. Sorry just ready the topic. You’re requested it for the staircase mod.

I am looking into it, will have a go at it in two weeks (have some spare time). Mind you I am not a programming whizzkid, it’s more a hobby for me.

As it is for me. :wink:

So in the end got it up and running. Not with the Adafruit library, but with pololu’s one…
I’ve tried it on a Lolin C3 (this is not an easy device to use. There seems to be some hardware issues with the antenna). It Might be a bit buggy, my coding skills are very basic.

It needs the pololu/VL53L0X @ ^1.3.0 library to be included when building this.

For those interested you can find it here; https://github.com/martin072/WLED/tree/main/usermods/Animated_Staircase

@blazoncek Maybe you can integrate the changes into your version to make it standard available.

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Took a look. Seems straightforward.
If you make a PR (create a separate branch first for which you may need to undo commit) I’ll be able to slightly modify your code.

Check the Wiki how to properly create a PR.

thanks for sharing @martin072 . I’m trying to test your version. just need to configure the xshut pins? Where do you connect the SCL and SDA pins of the VL53L0X sensor?

I2C as per default pins. Haven’t had much time to work on it anymore. Also note I tried it with an EPS32, not sure if it works with an ESP8266

I have successfully compiled but don’t know how to connect with esp32 mini, please guide, thanks a lot