Sync two WLED Controllers for Stair setup

Hello WLED-Community,

I’m building my first project and got everything wired up and connected.

I have two ESP’s, one is supposed to be handling 300 LED’s on the ground floor, the other is going to handle 300 LED’s on the upper floor.

Now I’d not just sync, but “flow” the effects from one strip to the other.
Like a “Wipe” effect, that builds from the ground floor, till the end of the 300 LED strip, then continues to the Strip connected to the 2nd ESP.

Would this be possible with the standard configuration options? Or would there be a usermod suitable for a setup like this?

I found the “Reversed (rotated 180°)” option, which already helps, having the flow go into the same direction. Maybe I could work with an offset by timing it right, so the effect starts when the other one “reaches” the end? Or is there a smarter way?

In the end, I’d like two animations, one triggered (prob via MQTT, have it tinker with that) by a IR sensor on the top of the stairs, with a Wipe-Effect going down. And one with a IR Sensor at the bottom of the stairs with a Wipe-Effect going up.

Thanks for your input :slight_smile: