Sync Multiple Outputs


I have setup a ESP32 (WKED version 0.13.1) with two stripes.
I want to sync the state of the leds from stripe 1 to stripe 2 so it is a complete mirror.
E.g LED 1 of stripe 2 should show the same colour and brightness of LED 1 of stripe 1, LED 2 of 2 the same of LED 2 of stripe 1 and so on.

Is this possible within of WLED and if the answer is “yes”, how?

kind regards.

Besides connecting two strips to one data line?

Actually the are connected on two data lines

I’m saying to connect them both to one.

Tonyno is telling you the practical way of doing it which we use also . if you want to keep two output then check Custom bus start indices , it works as it will look as one strip but I do not recommend it and I just did it to test for you

Thank you both for your suggestions

@tonyno: Sorry I missunderstood your first answer
@ALDIY : I will give it a try.

The whole setup is a little bit complicated. Both strips should illuminate a living room. One on the left wall and one on the right wall. The right one does not have the exakt length of the left one, because there is a door in the middle of the wall. I will try it with the custom bus start indices with the mapping feature.

kind regards