Sync more than one controller

Not sure if this is possible but thought I would ask.
I have 3 strings of leds laid out with two vertical lines and one horizontal like this | _ |.
The vertical lines each have 100 pixels and the horizontal has 75.
The left vertical and horizontal line are connected to one ESP32 (left hand) on individual outputs and the right hand vertical line connected to another ESP32 (right hand).
What I would like to do is perform a chase of lights that starts at the top of the left hand line and then goes down, across the horizontal one and back up the right hand line.
I have managed to get the right hand controller to sync with the left hand one by using the “sync” button, but I cannot get a chase to ‘jump’ across the two controllers.

Any help appreciated.

Have you tried to use DDP to connect the two ESP32 together , could simplify it for you

I would try the following:

On the Right WLED Module:
1. Set the LED count to 275 (this accounts for the 175 on the left mudule)
2. Create 1 segment that is 275 LEDs in length.
3. Change the Offset of the segment to be 175
4. In the sync settings choose to receive only segment 3 data. (In my experience it doesn’t override the offset for the segment)

On the Left Module:
1. Set the LED count to 275
2. Create three segments
a. 1st @ 100 LEDs
b. 2nd @ 75 LEDs
— Offset @ 100
c. 3rd @ 100 LEDs
— Offset @ 175
3. In the sync settings choose to only transmit the 3rd segment
4. Choose sync

Hopefully this works for you.