AP is not created

Hello! Great project! Thanks for your work.

I have a problem. The AP is not created after programming the module firmware. To be more precise on version 0.8.6 everything works fine. But on the latest versions, the AP is not created, although with the button I can turn on and off and switch the effect. The AP can sometimes appear for a few seconds, but then disappears.
The problem manifests itself on such an esp module
built-in microcircuit 8266

But any version of WLED works great on the classic ESP module:
NodeMCU with ESP-012 module

What could be the cause of this problem in your opinion?

I’ve done some analysis. I ran a Wi-Fi analyzer on a laptop and found AP WLED, but the dBm parameter jumps every second -40 and immediately -95.
I placed the module directly next to the laptop’s antenna, but nothing has changed, then -20, then -95. On firmware 0.8.6, the signal does not jump and is in the range of -38 -42.

I have looked for a similar bad-jumps signal problem in various forums and it is common. It is recommended to use SDK version 1.3.0. But unfortunately I don’t know how to recompile the firmware, can someone help with this? I’ll be very grateful.