APA102 + D1 Mini

Hi Guys,

I cant get to work an APA102 on a D1 mini.

I connected:
APA102 D0 to D4
APA102 C0 to D3

However all the led light up white and I can not change control them


Also not sure what to add in

Hardware setup

LED outputs:
Screen Shot 2021-09-26 at 8.43.57 PM|482x207

The posted image does not match the first post. Data to D4 & Clock to D3 (1st post), and Data to pin 3 & Clock to pin 2 (image).
D4 = GPIO Pin 2
D3 = GPIO Pin 0
RX = GPIO Pin 3

This link shows preferred GPIO pins for outputs and may help you resolve the problems you are having.

So… I connect:
APA102 D0 to D4
APA102 C0 to D3

and in

Hardware setup

LED outputs:
CLK: 3

Does this look correct?


That puts D0 on PIN GPIO2 and C0 on PIN GPIO 0. For the wiring you have, that would be D0 to PIN 2 and C0 to PIN 0.
Refer to the link with the images showing the GPIO # at the device designations, D#, A#, RX/TX.

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I have the same setup. The board I have says D3 and D4, but those are pins 0 and 2 to the software. Mine are working fine now:

I’m dealing with the same thing as well.

D1 Mini
APA102 Strip

I’ve wired the two contested wires to
It doesn’t seem matter what pin you connect the Data/Clock pins to or which ones you program them to within WLED UI, they never seem to do anything.


Firmware loaded: soundReactive_WLED_0.12.0_ESP8266.bin

I was originally wiring and assigning the DAT wire to D3 and CLK wire to D2, then assigning the (absolutely sure) correct pins. After I found out that D2 CANNOT be used as a functional pin, I tried moving both of the wires to literally every other pin, then assigning accordingly in LED Prefs - still no change.

So, after fooling around with wiring and settings over and over again, even trying different boards entirely - I decided to use my brain and grabbed the newest WLED B5 build. I loaded it on, assigned the used pins in the LED Prefs and it worked the first time.

Hope this helps anyone else…

My 2 takeaways:

1. Never use the D2 pin for anything other than for flashing the board.
2. If you’re having specific SMD or sensor problems, try a different build.

Post your LED settings page and wiring set-up.