APA102 and v0.12.0 upgrade

I set up a small 30 LED APA102 strip a year or so ago. I compiled the firmware myself. I think I have found the things I changed to make it work, and all I see is adding USE_APA102.

I updated to 0.12.0 on it this morning, and I can’t control the strip. It remembers my wifi settings, I can interact with the web site, and it looks updated (I see the color previews on the color presets). The peek looks correct, but the strip is just solid white.

I am guessing I have the wrong pins in the LED config section. I am using an esp8266.

I know you won’t be able to see the connector I have on the LEDs. But it looks to me that the CI is connected to the D3 pin and the DI is connected to D4. I tried putting 3 and 4 in the LED config on the web page, and that didn’t work.

I think the pins I was supposed to use were in the instructions for APA102. I don’t see anywhere that I changed them in my local copy of WLED.

Of course, I make this topic and then immediately figure I should go look at the source:

#if defined(USE_APA102) || defined(USE_WS2801) || defined(USE_LPD8806) || defined(USE_P9813)
 #ifndef CLKPIN
  #define CLKPIN 0
 #ifndef DATAPIN
  #define DATAPIN 2
  #undef BTNPIN   // Deactivate button pin if it conflicts with one of the APA102 pins.

So, data: 2, clock: 0. Try that, and it works. Thank you.

No need to pre-compile pins or tie into existing defaults.
You can freely select GPIO pins in LED settings.

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I know, but I had been on a previous version where I did have to choose pins at compile time. Looking at the source helped me figure out what to out into the v0.12 options after the upgrade.