Running 2 strips of APA102 from a single D1 mini?


I have a stage prop that was designed with 2 runs of embedded APA102 strip. Previously, I used a Raspberry Pi Zero W as the controller, but I’m trying to switch everything over to WLED. I have a pile of Wemos D1 mini’s. Is there a recommended way to hook up these two strips to a single D1 mini? Will I have to run two D1 mini’s?


Only ESP32 support two SPI ports (to drive APA102 chips).
Unfortunately HW acceleration is not enabled on second SPI port but if you have a small number of LEDs it should still be ok.

If you are using ESP8266 then your best bet is single APA102 otherwise performance will suffer or may even not work at all.

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OK, thanks! It sounds like the best option with what I have, then, is using two D1 mini’s. I’ll let you know how it goes. :smile: