ESP32 Controller, Can't Use Second Channel (kills Wifi connection)

I have a Gledopto WLED ESP32 controller that I bought specifically to use both LED channels to connect both a SK6812 (36 LEDs) and a WS2281X LED (150 LEDS) strips.

My problem is that I lose the Wifi connection if I attach either strip to the GPIO2 output channel. Whichever strip is connected to the GPIO16 channel works just fine alone. If both channels are used there is no Wifi connection. As soon as the strip on GPIO2 is disconnected, the Wifi connection resumes immediately.

I also notice that if I connect a strip to GPIO2 while the controller is up and running, it works just fine until the next reboot/restart, then no more Wifi connect.

I have verified this on two different Gledopto controllers with the same results. (I have seen this work OK on an older Gledopto ESP32 WLED controller (that I no longer have))

I’m hoping you can help me here or point me to someone who can! I find no clues doing internet searches or Gledopto support (as of yet)

Power Supply: 5V, 5A (WLED current limiter enabled and set to 2500mA)
WLED version: V0.15.0 B3

Also, is there a better “off the shelf” ESP32 WLED controller that people are happy with?

@xtalker Hi welcome

can you make a image of the ESP what is the reading ontop
there re now many of them so it may got other pinlayout
what if you use other pins like 16/17
almost every pin on the ESP got a PWM out so it shoudt work on that
did you try connecting only one stripe at the time

Are you sure it’s an Esp32? I see that company also offers esp8266 controllers and if gpio 2 on an 8266 is not high @ boot it will not boot.



Def an ESP32, I bought it specifically so i could drive two diff types of LED strips.

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8266 can do that as well.

Here is more info with link to photos:

Please see photos with this link: I added notes below each photo.

Here are details on the WS2811 LED string (sorry I was not allowed to add links for some reason?):
“AliExpress: Wholesale Full Dream Color LED Strip String Fairy Lights WS2811 RGBIC Addressable Individually 5V IP67 Decorate Christmas tree”

and the [SK6812 LED string:
“AliExpress: SK6812 RGBW (Similar Ws2812b) 4 in 1 1m/4m/5m 30/60/144 Leds/Pixels/M Individual Addressable Strip WW NW IP30/65/67 DC5V”

Seems the problem was a power supply wire that was a little too thin and a little too long causing a slight voltage drop that caused the ESP32 some boot issues. I should’ve caught this much earlier!

Thanks for all the help & suggestions!

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My go-to controller core is an ESP-M2 outputting LED data on GPIO2 on which I also have a 12K pullup resistor to 3.3V. I also use some other pin with a single WS2812B as indicator light.