Smallest ESP32 / D1 fast enough?

Hi all,
i’m having a few hardware questions:

  • which ESP32 model (with breakout board) would be the smallest one? I found the EPS32 D1 Mini pretty perfect as you need to include a power jack into the housing anyways, so a smaller one wouldn’t make much sense.
  • is there a maximum FPS wled can achieve? i guess it’s around 40?
  • will WLED always run at the PCB’s maximum speed? (many boards say they run at 60/120 mhz)
  • is there a formulare for calculating the maximum amount of LEDs a Wemos D1 can run with full FPS? I am trying to figure out if it makes sense using an ESP32 instead of Wemos D1 for a LED instance with 210 LEDs.


I hope I can answer your questions :slight_smile:

  • D1 mini ESP32 is a great choice. M5Stack Atom lite is a bit tinier still.
  • Yes, there is currently a software cap at 42fps. You can raise this value in the top of the FX.h file if necessary.
  • I believe WLED runs at 160MHz CPU clock on ESP32, though I’ll have to verify.
  • For 210 LEDs, you’ll likely be just fine with an ESP8266. There is a rule of thumb formula, for ESP8266 maxFPS ~ 15000 / numLEDs and for ESP32 maxFPS ~ 60000 / numLEDs, though it is capped at 42 as described above and may vary with the effect mode (Pacifica is one of the most demanding effect, with about 25% lower FPS than most effects, e.g. Saw)

How this helps :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Hey, I’m already trying to minimise the size, it´s with a ESP-01.
I’ve just ordered some PCBs, my prototype with wired voltage regulator is running great so far with 120 APA102 Leds.