Apply preset X at boot

Can we add “Apply preset X on power on” or make the existing one working at boot and power on?" Currently, to make it work, I have to set playlist to “repeat indefinitely,” which means I cannot make temp changes cause the playlist keeps overwriting it.

Also, the option should be called “Apply playlist X at boot,” since presets do not work with this option (unless I am doing something wrong.)

It is an option in settings. Check out Docs

The current option is “at boot” and it doesn’t work with “power on.”
So if you set your playlist to repeat 1 time, it will only execute at boot and when you power off and then power on later on, the playlist will not execute and the LEDs will reset to last setting, not to preset from the playlist.

A work-around is to use a button to control power.

Not really useful for me. My boards are installed outside, some in flood light enclosures, so no access.

Then I think you’re only option for now is a user mod.

What about if you use separate playlist items to accomplish Power off and Power on?
It means you don’t get to use the power button icon in the GUI, but it gives you full control.

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A have couple of ways around it, but it would be nice to have that in for consistency. Triggering of playlist (when “Apply preset…” is enabled) should happen in both situations, when unit is booting and when power button is used. Both are power on events, so same things should be happening and we should see the same output.

Power on from the GUI button is more like “Brightness increase from 0%” while physical boot involves a bunch of extra items not the least of would be WiFi and communications start up. They might use the same english word, “power”, but they don’t activate anywhere near the same functions in the hardware.

As I said, if you simply handle this with a Preset for “Off” and one for “On” instead of the power button (and add that preset as the boot preset) you get what you’re asking for via a Preset button instead of the “power” button.

I completely understand the difference between boot and UI power on, but what I am saying is that both should have similar behavior when it comes to “Apply preset…” option. I don’t want to use workarounds.
Basically, powering the unit (boot) and using the UI power button to power on from the user perspective is the same event, you want the same thing to happen each time.
Boot: start MCU and WiFi, use current settings to set LEDs, run preset if “Apply…” is on
Power off: set LEDs to 0
Power on: use current settings to set LEDs, run preset if “Apply…” is on (this last step is currently missing and is exactly what I need, should be easy to add)