Audio reactive

So I’ve got a setup with an esp32 wled pico board

When I go into audio reactive and tick the box it seems to stop working, but when it’s not ticked it seems like it’s just not listening… but doing the same thing at the same pace…

I double checked the pin outs and mic settings and I can’t help but think I’m missing something simple.

Did you upgrade a firmware?

What mic?
Have you set the IS2 setting?
How long are the cables from the mic to the esp32?
One of mine will simply not work with the 5 inch wires from my INMP441 to my esp 32.

The pico comes with a mic on board, no wires.

Set the pins per the documentation which isn’t in front of me at this moment.

Ah, apologies.
Likely a config issue. Or possibly a faulty unit.

So I have 4 of these little guys, is there a way to back up the config to configure another unit?

(that would eliminate hardware).

yes, security settings

With a little help from Serg74 on Discord (vendor of the board I’m using) I was able to get this up and running flawlessly. I’m 100% not sure what I did wrong, but wiping and reflashing with the firmware he linked me got it up and running.

Now all I have to do is install 3 more (House, Garage and daughters room)!