Brightness not working

Hello, I just finished my first LED project. Thank you for making this software. Its awesome! I can’t seem to adjust my brightness. I probably made a mistake connecting the wires. Im running ws2811 on ESP 8266. My wires are running 16’. I tried adding a sacrificial pixel recently but it didn’t change anything.


First, LED power should come from supply, not ESP or sac pix.

How many LEDs? What is the current rating of the supply? Is that sac pix right next to the ESP with very short wires?

Thank you for your swift reply. I have 468 pixels on each of the two strips. This is the power supply I have:
It seems to only have two ports for 5v out. Unless I can connect more than one wire to each?
Yes, the ESP and the sac pix is within one foot of power supply

OK. That supply seems adequate. What about wire gauge?

Yes, you can connect multiple wires to each terminal.

So, the sac pix is right at the ESP? Within a few cm?

looks like I have 18AWG.
yes, the ESP is about 15cm from the sac. pix.
Im gonna try to do what you recommend tonight. thank you

15cm is not a few. :wink: I’d say that’s too far.

ok Ill change that. Just hooked up the strip directly to the PS. Made no difference. Also removed the sac pix. Also no difference

how do I wire the sac pix directly to the ESP?

It’s the same as your LEDs.

ok so Ill hook up the sac pix to the PS for power, and connect the Data wire from the ESP to the sac pix and then to the LED strips?

It’s ok to connect it to the ESP for power.

great, I did what you recommended and it seems to work now. I also disabled automatic brightness limiter in settings. But now it seems obvious that I need power injections cause at the beginning of the strips the color is white and at the other end orange. lol

Wanted to say thank you for all your help! Much appreciated. One more questions I have. It may not fir int this threat but Im looking for some kind of software that will help me design my next LED art piece. mainly I need to see were to run strips and where to start and end each one (its complicated). Is there such a thing?