BTF Lighting question

On the QuinLED website, the author recommends BTF Lighting strips for many of the examples. However, on Amazon, BTF gets pretty consistent reviews that refer to bad QA, poor durability or many failures.
I’m about to build a set of 3 leaping arches using PEX tubing and want to stay with 12 V LEDs. Does anyone have specific experience with the BTF brand (good or bad) and are there better choices readily available at competitive prices?

I’m using 70% of all cases LED strip and even Strings from BTF lightning and they work just fine

I don’t really understand why people are saying that

Short correction: The oldest one’s in use are , Roughly 7 Month

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They work just as good as other ones without any problems whatsoever

If you are making arches I would make sure you are going with strips that every LED is individually addressable. Going 12v will likely have 3 LED’s tied to 1 address.

You could also use 12v bullet pixels and zip tie each one to it’s wire and running them through 1in Pex.

Another option would be seed/pebble pixels.

These are mine with 5v 30 per meter ip67 strips. 1in pex. tip face the strip down In the first pic the far arch has the strip facing up and the close arch is facing down.

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I think these were the ones I used:

I have a few different ones, but I think these were the ones. If not, I used these around my deck and they have been lit nightly for over a year now and have been through 1 upstate NY winter.

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