Leaping arches


I’m looking at building some leaping arches…anybody here made any?

Advice… What do you use for the arch
What size conduit
How do you know if the conduit is transparent enough?
LED tape inside…hiw many chips a meter needed?



PEX is a great material for this. It shines through nicely and is flexible enough to bend but rigid enough to keep it’s shape. Schedule 20 and 40 pipe blocks too much light. Polyethylene tube blocks less light but is harder to keep it’s shape. For diameter, it just has to be big enough to fit the tape through. The larger the diameter the more it will diffuse.

We generally run a thin strip of plastic or metal inside to stick the LEDs to in order to prevent twisting. 30 lights per meter should be plenty, especially if you put lights on both sides. You can even use fairy lights (10/m). They use less power and shine 360 deg instead of 180 light the tape.

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If you really want to go to town have a look at the Matt Johnson video Here