WLED warp plasma

my warp plasma. 6x60 ws2812 strips connected columnwise in plexi tubes filled with glass splinter - which gives a nice effect due to the refraction. The idea with the glass pieces in tubes is of course not very new.

They fitted well in those copper fittings which can be found everywhere. Its not hard to build up, just be careful while filling in the glass - they like to damage the strip :frowning:

warp plasma


Those are gorgeous. Is the glass tempered (small chips) or regular (sharp shards)?

And send that to wled_project on IG

It’s really awesome! Excellent look! Thank you for sharing.
If you will have some spare time it would be so interesting to see the process of your work with some additional info.

Nice execution! The glass shards, but also the frame/tubing
And also good to see a real life example of the effects of 60 leds.

(I am still struggling with deciding what to choose; 60, 74, 96, 144 leds/m)

I can recommend the 60 LEDs/m versions if the glass bricks are not too big. It’s still very bright. And it’s also a question of the power/current. I use 144 LEDs only for a glass board where i need a higher resoltion. I hate too see the individual spots.

Thanks for the reply

I am currently designing something similar, but more as a standalone pillar using 8 strips of a meter (approx 3 feet)
I want to run the plasma and fire animations in it behind a decent diffusor.

But because I want to use sk6812 and they come with a hefty uptick price-wise, I am trying to find the minimum led/m

I hope I can get my hands on 74 leds/m. Otherwise it is going to be the 60
144 is simply too much behind a diffusor and will consume to many amps and Euros :wink: