Button Behavior

I have an ESP32 set up to 3 strips of WS2812B LEDs and it all works fine. I’m trying to add a button/switch for toggling On/Off and cycling presets. I have the switch wired from GPIO0 to 3.3V and the normally open, momentary button grounds it when pushed. Button is set to Pin 0 in settings, on/off button is enabled, I’ve tried 0 and different presets for short button config. However, no matter what I do in the settings, grounding that connection causes the lights to cut off and then immediately turn back on, but its a hard cut off and then fade back on then back to the preset they should be. As if I were just turning the power off and back on basically. I tried in 0.11, 0.12 and 0.13.0-b2. If I select my T=2 ON/OFF preset from the GUI, it works as expected. Any ideas? Thanks

You are shorting it out when you press the button!

Disconnect the 3.3V from it and all will be well.

Thank you very much. That fixed it. The diagram on the wiki showed a connection to 3.3V. Is it because I’m using an ESP32 instead of an ESP8266 or did I just misunderstand it?

It shows the connection to 3.3v through a resistor. :wink: