Cant get segments to work

i have 8 segments each have 16 leds.(WS2812B) connected to ESP32Dev

I created a usermod. but i cant assign animations to the different segments.
the only segment i can update is segment 0

what do i miss / what do i wrong?

for (int z=0;z<8;z++){

effectCurrent = FX_MODE_SINELON_RAINBOW; // without these nothing happens
colorUpdated(CALL_MODE_NOTIFICATION); // without these nothing happens

for (int i = 1; i < 6; i++) {
  Segment &seg = strip.getSegment(i);
  seg.setOption(SEG_OPTION_ON, true);

  strip.trigger();  // force strip refresh
  stateChanged = true;
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Almost identical issue. 9 segments by 15 leds and no other segments working. Have set the correct led amount in led preferences also. Currently on 0.14.0-b4. Any luck with this yet?