Ceiling Light wiring help

I’d like to install SK6812 LED strips circling the ceiling, being controlled by an ESP 32 on 2 channels and powered by multiple power supplies.

Some keypoints:

  • Overall length of the stips: 21,58m => rounded to 23m
  • 60 LEDs/Meter = 1380 LEDs
  • 0,3W/LED = 414 W needed (550W power supplies)
  • Trying to not use more than 800 LEDs per channel

I did some wled projects on a smaller scale but never needed power injection. Should I wire the beginning and end of each strip to the two channels of the power supplies or is it fine like that?
Also some injection points are more than 5 Meter away from each other (6,4m on the longest stretch). Do you think that I get away with that? The Corners of the room are just the best locations for the power supplies.

Also any other advice for improvements or conformation of my drawings by someone who actually knows what he is doing (opposed to myself :sweat_smile:) is appreciated.

You can’t connect multiple supplies to each other, but you can connect them to isolated sections (maybe separate top left and lower right).

Normally, injections are needed every 2-3 meters, so “middle” injections would cover you.

Oh thanks for pointing me in the right direction. I didn’t know that. So here is my updated version. I have isolated the parts and inject power in the middle. Putting a 300W supply in the bottem left would be easier installation-wise but I can hide the 2x 150W supplies easier on their locations.

But I can still run the data wire through the strips only separated on the bottom left because of the 2 channels right?
Ground could be probably connected too but would be useless?

all grounds must be connected together. Only isolate the +

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Alright, gonna do that. Thank you.

so when we talk about power injections they can be from one larger power supply that way you don’t have to isolate things. then your power injections can be run at the end of the tape at the beginning of the tape from a heavier gauge let’s say 16 ga wire. the reason you need the injections is current is limited on the same copper traces of the tape lighting. heavier gauge wire can carry the current just fine and you can still just do one large power supply with everything

One of the reasons I wanted to avoid using one power supply was because of active cooling. But I recently found this power supply which should be usable for my case?

Another reason was because I’d rather use multiple power supplies than running each injection line back to the source. But whats your opinion about “parallel injection”? Running one wire in the Aluminium channel connected via t junctions to the injection points (Well in my case multiple wires soldered to the same injection pads)

Something like this:

Also want to use the QuinLED Dig Uno instead of an esp 32. Should be a bit more stable an safer. :slight_smile: