Change index to start

When using 2811 for artnet/Sacn you have an option for start address.

If you change to PWM is says index? Shouldnt this also say start.

PWM is for a single LED, so no.

It’s give you an option for 3 led output pins…

And the dmx standard set in the 1990s is universe and channel number.

This is a what Artnet and Sacn is based on.

If the software is implementing there protocols it should use the event industry’s terminology.

Ps Im dmx/network system tech.

But it’s meant for RGB[W] LEDs (three/four chips per).

Yes. So if controlling from a pro lighting desk (not xlights or something) that is a 3 channel RGB fixture… With start address 1.

Now I had a show with a number of RGB items… I did a show with a number of street lights, with an single led RGB chip powered of 12v battery in each. So they could be put on the stage quickly in a scene change

On the lighting desk (grandma2)

Fixture 1 @ address 1, fixture type generic rgb
Fixture 2 @ address 4, fixture type generic rgb
Fixture 3 @ address 7, fixture type generic rgb
Fixture 1 @ address 10, fixture type generic rgb

Etc… Thus start address