Changing default access point name & password

I will be using lots of WLED controllers in an upcoming project and ideally need to set the SSID and password from their defaults of WLED-AP and wled1234 at firmware level so that they are set when we flash each ESP8266.
I’ve tried all the obvious places in the code with no luck.
Can anyone help. Thanks in advance.

This may be helpful

wled.h contains the default username and passwords that can used if you wish to hardcode in an AP and password.
+++++++++++++++++ from wled.h

#define CLIENT_PASS “”

Just add these to near the top of your wled.h

#define CLIENT_SSID “YourAP”
#define CLIENT_PASS “Yourpass”

(or create a my_config.h text file and add the settings to that file)

At the top of wled.h you will find.
//uncomment this if you have a “my_config.h” file you’d like to use

Thanks very much.