Preset / hard-code Wifi AP settings?

Is there a way to compile and flash WLED with the AP name and password pre-set, so that my D1 mini can auto-join my network during development?

I see defines CLIENT_SSID and CLIENT_PASS. I have set these in my usermod_v2_empty.h (will rename later) but after flashing the chip doesn’t join my network and instead starts its own AP.

#pragma once

#include "wled.h"

//This is an empty v2 usermod template. Please see the file usermod_v2_example.h in the EXAMPLE_v2 usermod folder for documentation on the functions you can use!
#define CLIENT_SSID "My home network"
#define CLIENT_PASS "hunter2"

class UsermodPingPongClock : public Usermod {
    void setup() {
      Serial.println("Hello from pingpong usermod!");

    void connected() {
      Serial.println("Connected to WiFi!");

    void loop() {

I know my usermod is being loaded as I see the “Hello” serial print in the serial monitor. The connected message never prints.

Is this the expected method for pre-setting AP credentials?