Adding custom code to wled

I am building a project which needs a wifi repeater, and various other functions to be build into wled, so i can run all functionality on 1 esp.
For this i have 2 questions:

  • I have succesfully compiled wled now, but is there any documentation(apart from the user(loop) function i have to use) on how to implement usermods?
  • where does wled store the password and network name it is connected to? i would like to copy it right on over to the wifi repeater im programming

furthermore does wled prefer functions to be programmed as usermods, or am i allowed to code it right in?
thanks in advance!!

With your fork you can do whatever you want. :wink:

Usermods have their folder and there are plenty of samples there (maintained ones are 4 Line Display ALT, Rotary Encoder ALT, PWM Fan, Temperature, Multi Relay and a few others).
There is also an example usermod file with a bit more info on how to write one.

thank you very much, ive found what im looking for, ill try to keep it as a usermod so i can share when im done