Colors not in sync

I have an esp32 v3.3.6-16 running 2 strands. One side shows blue and red while the other side is showing green and pale blue. We want both sides the same. Please help.

You’ll have to post more details about your setup, a simple diagram might help.

Are you using more than one GPIO?
What happens when you swap the inputs to each of the 2 strands - does the colour problem move?

Are these 2 strands the same type/manufacturer of LED?

How are you powering your setup?

This is my setup. There is a single power supply and both strands are the same.

You forgot to change the color order on one.

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I thought that was the problem, but I could not get it to save. I had to delete the 2nd segment before I could get it to reset. It kept going back t GRB. It seems to be working now. Thanks for your help.