LED strip is sporatically changing colors

I’m using 12V LED strip powered by 12V PSU. I have tried two different PSU’s and both power the LED strip. I have also tried many different ESP32 boards that are being powered by micro USB cable. I have also tried many different GPIO pins and changed in the WLED app. I know it is being detected because when I have the incorrect GPIO inputted on the app, the lights will stop changing colors and once i change the GPIO back to the correct pin, it will start changing colors again. I feel like i have it conigured wrong in the settings but im not too sure.

The LED strip i’m using is the WS2811.

Any advice/recommendations would be very appreciated.

Are you using a level shifter? 12/24V strips typically won’t work without one.

As well as the levelshifter (always a good plan), make sure there is common ground between the ESP32, the Strip and the 12V PS.