Connection lost when LEDs plugged in (newbie)

I’m using WLED for the first time. I bought an Athom controller pre-flashed with WLED (from AliExpress). Without LEDs plugged in, I can get into the UI no problems. However, once I plug in a string of WS2812B lights, I can no longer connect after powering on. If I refresh the app (by dragging down), it then shows as offline. If I unplug them and refresh, it’s back online.

I get the same sort of behaviour when I add the Home Assistant integration. Without LEDs plugged in it shows up, but once plugged in, the lights go unavailable in HA.

There was also one point where the first LEDs (maybe 30?) were flashing red, but I don’t know how to reproduce that. I also bought a couple of Athom bulbs pre-flashed with WLED, and they’re working fine.

Any help would be appreciated. Since I’m new to this, I’m not sure if there’s further info that would help.

Try adding 4k7 pull-up resistor to data line (use 3.3V not 5V for pull-up).

The issue is that it’s a sealed unit designed to work with WS2812B LEDs. So it shouldn’t require an extra resistor to operate, and I’d have to introduce a new ‘board’ with JST connectors to do so. I also have no control over the output voltage.

blazoncek is right so I would advice you to follow what he is suggesting .

If you need a working example then take a look at this , I have tested it with magic home controller and it
is working ( safely ) but you have to use two separate power sources .

Test it and if it does not work or you must have one single power source for the project then there is an alternative but I can not recommend it at the moment because i did not test it yet .