Control multiple leds


I have a 5m strip installed in my house, but I want to extend the strip. Is it possible to just add another 5m strip right beside it and sync them in the app? If I use, for example, the bounce ball effect, will the effect then run smoothly as it was one strip from 10m? Or do both strips have the same effect but separately?

I’d like the effects to run like the strips are one from 10m. Is this possible in a different way?
Thank you.

Just connect you new strip to the end of existing one and it will be as one big one. Don’t forget to change LED count and provide proper power to your upgraded setup.

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thank you for your answer.

Does this mean that the strips arent synced as one when using the sync option in the app?

If you have multiple strips connected to each other and then to controller they will act like one strip. Sync you using for different purposes.