One controller or multiple with sync?

Hi. Setting up at project at work which is 4x10M strips SK6812 12V RGBWW. Should i go with one Quinled quad and a huge psu or 4 smaller controllers with the sync function enabled? Also thinking of adding a mic to get it sound reactive. Need your input as this i my first larger project larger then 5 meter.

The number of LEDs and how responsive you need them to be will be the critical factors here.

Power requirements are the same whether you have one controller or 4.
LEDs draw their power from your power supply(s) not from the controller(s).
You might have the power wires for the LEDs connected on a terminal block at the controller, but that’s just a convenient place to put the wires.

The controller provides data, the power supply provides power.

The recommended number of LEDs you can drive from a single controller can be found in the KB :Multistrip