Sync different length segments

I am sure this is already answered here but I can not seem to find it.

I have 2 separate strips with controllers each. UDP sync works fine except.

Strip A has 100 led’s in 2 50 led segments.
Strip B has 64 Led’s .

So the strip B shows the synced effect with 50 Led’s in one segment and 14 led’s in the second.

Sorry, Strip A is the SYNC “Master”

Is there a way to get strip B to sync 32 and 32?


Set up segments on both (and save as boot preset).
Then enable “Segment options” in Sync settings on receiving device.

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Thanks, I think I got it.

It does not seem to work if a playlist is set on boot, but a preset seems to.

Also under sync settings bounds should be unchecked?