Two Segments Setup and Sync

My questions is probably answered here on the forum but I can not seem to find it.

I am using a Dig-Qaud on 12v 2811B with a 96/m count.
I have two strips one on the north side of my garage with 200 total led’s tied into channel 1, and a strip on the south side of my garage also with 200 led’s tied into channel 2.

Both strips start at ground level and go up to the top of the garage.

I have two segments listed. Segment “0” goes from 0 to 200, segment “1” goes from 201 to 400.

I am attempting to make them sync together.
If I run the Android effect I want them both to start at the bottom and go to the top at the same time.
I can get them to work but not synced together.

Can anyone point me to a post that might be able to help.

Cannot be done in the way you described.
What you can do is use 1 segment with mirroring enabled.

Thank you for the reply.
Would you mind going into a little more detail.
I do not know how to setup the two strips under segments besides checking the mirror box

Each segment (when you expand it) has a checkbox for mirroring.