Could these two things be added?

Hello, looking for a controller for some leds with arduino I came across this fantastic project! Today I received the esp32 wroom and some led strips to test it (because I only have arduinos…) and I liked it a lot!!

I have thought of a couple of things that could be added (if possible… since it is one thing to think about it but another very different thing to create) and another thing is to assume that you have not already thought of them…

The first is to have a soft start effect of the leds as if it were a fade but in which you can choose the time you want it to take to reach maximum lighting (for example from 0 to 10 seconds) and once it has reached to the maximum stay fixed.

The second is that you could choose the number of inputs/outputs by indicating a number or adding them in the same way as the outputs for the LEDs with a +, so if you are missing inputs, you don’t have to modify and compile the program again.

As I said, it may be that you have them in mind, but hey… I’d rather sin by repeating it than by not saying anything…

Thanks to all the team that has racked their heads to do this!!! Greetings!

PS is translated by google.

Fading is implemented using transitions, just update the time needed.

Unfortunately the second option is a design choice. It makes it difficult to accommodate variable number of buttons. If you come up with the idea how to do it please fork and make PR.

Hello! the effect would not be a fade, the fade that exists is let’s say…++++++MAX led-----------MIN led+++++++MAX led-----------MIN led +++++++ (I hope it is understood…) and on the contrary what I say would be to start from the led to the minimum ++++++ MAX led and stay fixed no longer perform the cycle again, which is a smooth start, as I said it would not be a repeating fade effect, it is as if you created a playlist that repeats once but as I said once the maximum of the led has been reached, it will remain fixed .

Regarding the buttons… I doubt very much that I have the level of knowledge to do that :cry:, if I did, I would go with it.

PS is translated by google.

I am sorry but I do not understand.