Could use some help with hyperSerial

After flashing HyperSerialEsp8266.ino.d1_mini_WS8201_rbg_FIRSTLED_ENABLED.bin, connected to RPI4 made the changes in Hardware setup.
But my leds only have static white.
Using a Wemos D1 mini
with WS2801 LEDS

What i’m doing wrong or i over see?

Hi and welcome to the forum ,
Are you by any chance referring to flashing from ESPhome on raspberry pi ?
If not then please clarify more so the guys could help


No I flashed a wemos d1 mini on windows with esphome

What firmware did you use , are you using WLED ?

I’m using a modified version of WLED that supports Hyperserial
I’m using firmware HyperSerialEsp8266.ino.d1_mini_WS8201_rbg_FIRSTLED_ENABLED.bin

and used ESPHome Flasher to flash the wemos…

But why you mention esphome?

I have no clue about this fork , sorry , might be someone else know and can help , good luck

but whats the story about esphome ?

Although this is not going to help fix your issue and may be off topic but since you asked twice

I was testing ESPhome HA integration under on RPI4 , this is not the same ESPhome flasher
under windows but your initial description of the issue is the reason I asked

To go back to your project for others to help , its better if you give more details on why did you setup your project this way and the final goal you have in mind. There could be an alternative if you do not get help on this fork


Yes so after some wile i found out i had a wrong firmware.
Now to the fork of wled runs but when connecting it with usb to my raspberry pi with HyperHDR on it and setting up HyperHDR i don’t get it to work