Create new effect to pull information from internet and represent visually

Hi WLED Community.

Firstly - love what you have created - it is awesome!

I had this idea to create an effect to pull weather data from the internet and visually represent the forecast for the next day (bright yellow for sunny but nice, bright red for hot, grey with blue for showers etc. etc.)

Wondering if anyone has done something like this before, or could point me in the right direction. I am pretty new to all of this so coming at it from a relatively low knowledge base. :slight_smile:


Would be easy if you used another system to do that and just control wled via one of the APIs. :wink:

I did something similar with my nanoleaf and openhab.

It helps a lot because there are already addons (bindings) fetching the weather data for you. So all I had to do was creating some mapping functions.