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I’m looking for someone that can help me with a small piece of code (if necessary I can pay a small fee).

I need to have a code that I can upload to an ESP-8266. When attached to a led-strip (and power) the led-strip should show one effect that is pre-installed in the code. Nothing more.

When I disconnect the power and connect it again, it needs to show the same effect.

You can find me on discord



No fee, no programming required :slight_smile: Just run WLED, make a preset with your desired effect, and set it as boot preset in LED settings. You can also disable WiFi entirely if you need it to not be available.

Alternatively, you could just run a simple Arduino sketch - e.g. a FastLED example code.

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thank you!! :))) This really helps.

You a fan of the Mission Impossible movies, or some other fascination with Job####? Just curious.

Please post back when you get it working and how you like it.

To be honest, I have never watched a Mission Impossible movie haha. I got this code randomly from discord :slight_smile:

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