Lightsaber Effect

Hello, newbie here. I’m trying to find out a way to make a light saber effect when I power on the lights. Like, the strip slowly turns on, LED by LED ultil the the strip is complete. And it must remain with all LED turned on. Thanks.

SK6812 60led/m
1,10 meter strip

Wipe can do that with a bit of tweaking

@andrell10 Welcome
there are more then one way to make a nice Lightsaber
did you Google ARDUINO lightsaber
you will get examples with a small NANO and also Soundboard that makes the saber more dramatic

Thanks for the reply.

The problem is that this method uses several components. I would like something simpler. With LED strip, ESP32 and power supply.

@andrell10 If you go Via D1 Mini ESP8266 you only need a 9V Block Battery and the Stripe thats all