Custom effect on three "segments"

First hello to everybody, I tried to ask questions on Discord but I have too many questions so I think it is more easy to make a topic on forum. I want you to know that I am noob, with electronic, but have logic approach to problems, I need your expertise to bring this idea to reality :slight_smile:

I will try to explain what I am planing and then proceed with questions. I have 3 cabinets and 3 big slide doors, I want when I slide one door to have led stip work just in that cabinet. Every cabinet have sensor, but here is where it gets tricky, I want to have "splash screen ", effect that will last 3-5 seconds fade in and then go to neutral light. When I close the there if it is possible to have fade out effect 3-5 seconds so I can see it through glass.

So my questions are
What led stip to use? After inital talk it is logic that I want addressable led strip. Is 60 leds per meter ok or to go with 30 or maybe COB? I was thinking WS 2815 and SK 6182 because both are 12 V I dont want voltage drop because my one cabinet have 6,2 meter length of led strip. SK 6182 I am interested because of another diode with neutral light. But what is “CKL/CKO—Clock line” in SK6182, I tried to google and didnt find logic explanation?

Do I need power injection on 6,5 meters with 12 volts?

On Wled site there is scheme with resistors and fuses this is what affraid me the most. When I was in highschool I went over this too fast and I never knew their real function except fuses. Where to put this and do I need them, I am really afraid of fire, if fuse can save me from fire problem I will do it.

I see level shifter on 12 V do I need it where do I put it??? After ESP32? I have at home WS2813 led strip it is 5 V and I connected just with power supply and ESP32 and it works great although I have no idea how I menage over youtube clips and some pictures to get right pins for data on ESP 32 I am really confused with these pins, is there some good short and direct tutorial with explanation?

sensors do I put them in series 1,2,3 or every sensor go directly to ESP 32 and have their 2 pins(6 in total)?this is important step because when I turn on one led strip I dont want rest of them to turn on.

Main question is what do I do with led strips inside cabinets, do I put them in series or parallel, or put every strip on different ESP 32 and have three of them instead of one because of that fade in and fade out effect?

Generall what voltage is better to work with because of fire hazzard 12V or 5V I got different answers I am so confused. 24 is overkill for this.

Sorry for this long post and thanks in advance, I hope you will have understand on my noob questions :slight_smile:

I think this is NodeMCU ESP32 with 3.0 USB

Just found out this beautiful representation of what I want. Only different effect and instead switch it would be sensor controled.