LED strip on the stairs

Hey guys,

I`m new to led strips and I’m trying to put led strips on the steps of the stairs … I’m currently on the 4th step and when i test out it works, however the fade-in seem a bit jerky and just like 3 intensity steps … when i test it with fewer leds it works fine.

This is how i wired them … the ledsstrips have like 65 leds~ per step in them.

i use these strips: SK6812 RGBW (5m 60 IP30)

and this power supply: aliexpress.com/item/32670505021.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.18224c4d3Ajn5K (60a)

i’ve tried to make a video of it but my phone has automatic apeture so cannot seem to capture it right.

its also noticeable when I change colors.
its still hard to see but you can see it a bit.

Does anyone know what im doing wrong?

That looks like you are using an older version.

Hey Tonyno, thank you for you reply, i`m running WLED_0.9.1_ESP8266 to my knowledge this is the latest version.

Hmm. That just looks like what I recall being fixed in an update to FastLED.

Did you downloaded a BIN or compile yourself?

I’ve downloaded the bin file, not quite sure anymore which one i installed the WLED_0.9.1_ESP8266.bin or WLED_0.9.1_ESP8266_1M_full.bin … i tought this would be more of a hardware issue as it seems to work with fewer leds but i use a 60a power supply i should be able to have more leds on it.

I would guess that data line is the problem. ESP outputs 3.3 volts and the led strip works with 5 volts.
It is just enough for a short installations but given more length the line impedance increases. This causes more voltage drop and not all data bits going in. Or if it is software related, I don’t know.

But worth to try at least. Easiest to buy some ready 3.3->5v converter.

thnx @taikapanu ill look into that.

This is the result as it is now if anyone is interested

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Looks very cool!

Is one step one segment or how it is configured?

How many leds you have?


Can you tell me how you configured your leds? I want to build the same thing. But I’m struggling lighting the steps up one at a time (from top to bottom of bottom to top).

I’m also stuck with the max number of segments (10) while I have 18 steps. So your input would be appreciated :smiley: