Custom Effects - WS2812FX.cpp

I have some ideas for new effects.

Anyone know of docs for WS2812FX.cpp? I went to the site linked in the code, but can’t find anything that relates. Google fails at translating that site, too.

I found this.

We’ll see if it helps! :laughing:

Hi @tonyno, yes, that’s the right site. This was used as a basic but highly customized.
Basically most of the FastLED effects do work and the ones for NeoPixelBus.

So what kind of idea do you have for a new effect ?

There are a lot of good ones already. Just a couple more so far, mainly for full segments.

  • Heartbeat (fast on/off, fast on/fade down). Also could be a gradient out from segment-center with variable “tail” length.

  • n-Strobe (multiple, fast flashes, pause). Same gradient comment applies.

Hi @tonyno, I tried the Heartbeat effect and there is not sooo much difference to Gradient or Sinelon.

If you want effects comming from the middle of the strip, you can change the segement 0 to the half of the actual LEDs and add a segment 1 - then set the first segment to reverse - did you try this ?

Looks great !

The tail length is controlled with the intensity slider in the Gradient effect.

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Can you please tell me if you can add or replace some effects with others? For example taken from arduino project. If so, how is it done?

It is open source software. You can do anything. You can rewrite it, add custom usermod and leave base wled alone, or some combination.

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