Damaged cables

Hi all,
today, setup mentioned in this thread:

stop working: led strip stay on even during WLED reboot, changes from WLED webui are not acknoledged by led strip, etc
A close look at ESP board show me this:

cables from led strip to power supply were… melted (especially GND one).
Do you think is just a cable issue (I should use thicker cables) or are any other attention points to consider?
Please let me know what do you think…

You might want to use heavier wire. It is hard to tell from the pic but your wires on the strip look like they are stripped a bit long. Are you sure they could not have touched one another and or some other metal object? I would put some heat shrink over them next time or some hot glue. Definitely add a fuse between the strip and the power supply on the +.

Do you use White a lot? I don’t think you would smoke the wires unless something shorted or you were using white.

OK, that was my main concern

Yeah I’m pretty sure about it.

I’ll do. What size fuse should I use?

I use white 99% of the time :upside_down_face:
The led strip is white 6h/8h a day during week days.

Easiest: I would use a 15a automotive fuse. and wire that can support at least 15a

-Ideally using the limiter in the config set on 10000 and a 12a fuse, but you will have a hard time finding 12a fuses unless going with glass tube type.

100% go with heavier wire if you are mostly using white.